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Melissa Lee End of Parliament Update

September 12, 2023 Share

Thank you!

As we come to the end of the 53rd Parliament I want to thank everyone who has reached out to me for assistance over the last three years.

It has been an amazing privilege to serve as a Member of Parliament and I hope to be returned in October for another term working for the people of New Zealand

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Anzac Day

April 21, 2023 Share

Anzac Day in Auckland

As Anzac Day approaches I wanted to let you know about the upcoming services that will take place this Tuesday 25 April in honour of the service personnel and their families who have given for New Zealand. 

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Melissa Lee: Easter Update

March 31, 2023 Share

Easter, Mount Albert and Teaching the Basics Brilliantly

Happy Easter everyone,

This weekend marks the beginning of the week long commemorations of Easter as well as the upcoming Easter Holidays! The weather is getting cooler but there's still some great sunny days ahead. If you are travelling for the Easter Holiday make sure to pack for the conditions and drive safe on the roads.

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Melissa Lee's Christmas Newsletter

December 14, 2022 Share

Merry Christmas  🤶🎅☃️🎄

As we head into the Holiday season break and the fun of Summer I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout the past year. It's been a wild ride through COVID-19, Government wasteful spending and, as of last Saturday, the exciting news that a new Caucus Colleague will be joining the National Team in Parliament with Tama Potaka being elected as the new MP for Hamilton West.

The end of year and holiday season are a time to relax, reflect and recognise the opportunities and challenges the new year will bring. No matter how or where you are celebrating this summer holidays I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a wonderful Hanukkah and some great days on the beach. 

For some the holidays will be a tough time with lost loved ones, particularly I want to acknowledge the family of Janak Patel who was tragically killed in Sandringham last month. Even with the support of the community and the country, there is no bringing back a precious loved one lost to such cruelty but we will remember him, support his family and we will strive to ensure not another life is lost to crime in New Zealand.

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Media Merger to Cost Taxpayers Billions

November 10, 2022 Share


The Government’s planned media mega entity will need hundreds of millions a year in extra taxpayer funding due to the decision to destroy TVNZ’s commercial model, National’s Broadcasting and Media spokesperson Melissa Lee says.

“Documents obtained by the National Party reveal the combined media entity would require $6.3 billion in additional Crown funding over the next 30 years, or an average of $211 million a year.

“It’s obvious the TVNZ/RNZ merger has become another ideological pet project for Labour, who have never been able to give a good reason for spending taxpayer money on this costly exercise.

“Taxpayers should not be expected to pay billions of dollars to merge two existing media entities that are doing fine operating on their own.

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New Bill to extend gift card expiry dates

November 10, 2022 Share

Expiry dates on gift cards will be extended to three years under a Member’s Bill pulled from the ballot today, National MP Melissa Lee says.

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Ponsonby News October Column

November 01, 2022 Share

As the final results of the local elections are confirmed, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to all the successful candidates that will be representing our communities across the Auckland Region.

This year's local elections have been significant and I look forward to engaging with all the new councillors, board members and other elected officials at one of our many exciting cultural festivals like Diwali and Christmas functions (I can't believe it's already October!) over the next few weeks.

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Melissa Lee's October Update

October 11, 2022 Share

Welcome to October!

It's been a busy few weeks tackling the Government's $370million wasteful spending on the proposed merger of RNZ and TVNZ into Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media. The Government has no clear reason for the merger and during a cost of living crisis it is a terrible use of taxpayers dollars. I've been putting questions to the Minister and you can read more about what's going on below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

We also formally bade farewell the Queen of New Zealand, Elizabeth II, with a State Memorial Ceremony I had the immense privilege to attend with many of my National Caucus Colleagues and other leaders from all New Zealand walks of life. With over 70 years of devotion to the Commonwealth and the wider world she was truly a great leader of our times. 

The final results are still rolling in but I want to give a congratulatory shout out to everyone around New Zealand who has been elected to local government this month. The role of locally elected leaders is vital in maintaining New Zealand's democratic values and decision-making. Best of luck to you all!

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September 30, 2022 Share

The Government must explain why it is spending $370 million to merge TVNZ and RNZ, National’s Broadcasting and Media spokesperson Melissa Lee says.

“When I asked the Minister for Broadcasting and Media Willie Jackson why he was spending taxpayers’ money to merge TVNZ and RNZ in Parliament today, he was completely unable to say what that spending will achieve.

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Rural New Zealand is being digitally excluded - Melissa Lee, Nicola Grigg

September 26, 2022 Share

Today’s Federated Farmers Rural Connectivity Survey shows that rural New Zealand is being digitally excluded, National’s Digital Economy and Communications spokesperson Melissa Lee and Rural Communities spokesperson Nicola Grigg say.

"It is unacceptable that our farmers, the backbone of the Kiwi economy, are unable to embrace new technologies at the farm gate, or use digital tools to grow their businesses, educate their children or live their lives online due to poor connectivity," says Ms Lee.

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