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This Government has made a mockery of its claim to be open and transparent once again, says National’s Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media spokesperson Melissa Lee.

“We know Clare Curran was using her personal Gmail for official business and failed to disclose a secret meeting with a candidate for a key state sector post but now the Government has gone to ground.


“Many questions remain. New Zealanders deserve to know what conversations she has been having on a private Gmail account away from the gaze of her ministerial staff but instead they’re getting arrogant obfuscation.


“Ms Curran was granted leave today and didn’t show up for Question Time after an extraordinarily halting performance in the House yesterday. That’s her right but in her place, the Government put up the Hon Megan Woods to answer questions. Her answer? ‘I don’t have the answers’.


“This game of hide and seek from the Coalition Government – not for the first time either - would be humorous if it wasn’t for the fact these Ministers simply aren’t fronting up to answer questions.


“It is the duty of the Opposition to hold a Government to account. That should be an easy job given this Government came to power promising to be the most open and transparent administration in history. Instead, a fog has descended on the Beehive, despite its massive public relations machine.


“The Prime Minister has a serious headache trying to assert her authority over her Ministers while working to keep the coalition intact. Ms Curran’s inability to answer questions, if anything, is damaging the Prime Minister’s reputation as a leader.”

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