8 December 2016 Melissa Lee MP

Thursday, December 8, 2016

On Monday Members of Parliament, the National Party, and the Nation were all shocked by our hard working Prime Minister, the Right Honourable John Key’s decision to step down from his role as Leader of the National Party and Prime Minister.

Having become a Member of Parliament as part of the historic National-led Government election victory in 2008 it has been a tough week for many who have known him, in Wellington, Auckland and across the country. 

Rt Hon John Key is truly up there with the greatest leaders of our country’s history and around the world.

He has led us through recession, through natural disasters and three elections. He will be sorely missed but we all are incredibly grateful for the sacrifice of his time and energy in order to lead New Zealand.

On Monday I look forward to joining my Caucus colleagues in choosing the twelfth leader of the National Party and the thirty ninth Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Merry Christmas everyone, and best wishes for the Holiday season.