Pasadena Intermediate funded to trial innovative teaching approaches

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Melissa Lee MP says she can’t wait to see the results of the Pasadena Intermediate project in 2 years which has been given $62,600 as part of a fund to encourage innovative teaching practices.

“I’m happy to see our local education providers working together to raise achievement for children here in Mt Albert,” Melissa Lee said.

“The inquiry project is focused on raising mathematical achievement, motivation and engagement by implementing mixed ability learning communities within classrooms and is supported by The Education Group Limited, Massey University  & Māori Expert - University of Auckland Business School. Partner schools in the project include Auckland Normal Intermediate and Glenfield Intermediate.

“The project is one of 46 selected in this second round of the Teacher-led Innovation Fund. This fund supports teachers’ bright ideas that evidence shows are working and can be shared across schools.”

“It is part of National’s $359 million investing in Educational Success initiative which aims to encourage collaboration between schools to lift teaching practices to help Kiwi students achieve.”

This round of the fund involves 114 schools and six early childhood education providers. It is committing about $3.6 million of the $18 million fund. The next funding round will open in November. 

“These projects will trial new ways of doing things, all with the aim to increase achievement for young New Zealanders.”

“Where these projects are successful, other schools will be able to learn from the successes as well so that excellent practice becomes common practice,” Melissa Lee said.

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