Budget Debate Speech 31 May 2016

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

This week I took part in the Budget Debate for 2016.

This year's budget contains a number of great announcements supporting kiwi families and our growing New Zealand economy.

Below I've included a small excerpt of my speech which outlines some of the key committments made by the Government in Budget 2016:

"On this side of the House we are actually committed and focused on achieving results for New Zealanders up and down the country.

We are committed to supporting them and their families to achieve their goals, to have aspiration, and to actually set the goals for them to decide they want to own a home, to have certain educational goals, and for them to have aspirations for the families.

Under National there are 40 new houses—earlier other members actually talked about some of the issues with Auckland.

I live in Auckland as well and I know we have a major shortage in houses, but this side of the House, this Government, has delivered 40 new houses, which are being built every day in Auckland.

That is four times more than what was being delivered back in 2008 when Labour was in charge.

So when it turns around and says we are not delivering anything, it is actually wrong. We are doing four times more than what it was doing when it was responsible for the Treasury benches.

We are growing social housing as well, so there are opportunities to support those needs right across the sector."


You can find out more details about Budget 2016 by following the link at the bottom of the page.