International Womens Day

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


International Women’s Day is an occasion where we all can celebrate the importance of the achievements of women from all cultures and backgrounds.

New Zealand women now outnumber men in tertiary graduations. 61% of students at my former University, The Auckland University of Technology (AUT), are female and similar trends are being exhibited all over the education sector.

International Women’s Day is an occasion for us all to be aware of what challenges still face the world in the fight for equal rights and choice.

It is important to support women in our communities and I hope over the coming year more freedoms will be achieved for those in hardship. New Zealand gave women the vote 123 years ago but many women around the world still face problems in being able to have their full democratic say and live to the same aspirations and rights as others in their communities.

As Co-Chair of the International Parliamentary Coalition for Victims of Sexual Slavery (IPCVSS*) I stand by my international colleagues to recommit to raising awareness of modern day slavery, sexual violence and hardship against all persons in conflict zone and affected regions of natural disaster.

I wish you all a happy International Women’s Day and hope you will help continue the great work happening across the world in our communities.  


*The IPCVSS is a coalition of parliamentarians from around the world whose mandate is to raise the awareness of the international community to the issue of modern day slavery, the infringement of human rights and the sexual violence against all persons in conflict zone and affected regions of natural disasters both historically and currently