PR: Hon Anne Tolley "One million fewer letters, improved services for clients"

Thursday, February 18, 2016

One million fewer letters, improved services for clients


Social Development Minister Anne Tolley says Work and Income is continuing to provide a better service for clients while reducing costs for taxpayers by sending out fewer letters and improving the way it interacts with beneficiaries.

Work and Income is improving the content of its letters, using digital mailboxes where appropriate, and is enhancing its website content and calculators, to make it easier for clients to find and understand the information they need.

Following a review last year it now sends out one million fewer letters per year to clients, saving $540,000 annually on production and postage on correspondence which has become unnecessary over time.

“Work and Income wants to simplify the way it does business with its clients, to make it easier for people to access the support and information they need,” says Mrs Tolley.

“By cutting back on unnecessary admin, improving the content of correspondence, and making better use of digital technology and online services, the department is providing a better service and reducing the need for clients to physically visit its offices.

“For example, 1,200 clients per day are no longer hand-delivering medical certificates to Work and Income offices since the introduction of a new electronic system last year which allows GPs to lodge the documents online. 75 per cent of certificates are now lodged electronically.

“This is an ongoing process to make the system simpler for beneficiaries and allow staff to focus on supporting them into work.”