Melissa Lee's Christmas Update

Happy summer everyone!

I'm glad to be back in the House for the 53rd Parliament and want to thank you all for your ongoing support. I am deeply privileged to have been re-elected for a Fifth Term representing National and the people of New Zealand in our Parliament and look forward to meeting with many of you over the months ahead.

Thank you!

I want to say thank you again personally for your support, I couldn’t have returned to Parliament without every single one of you.

I can't think of a tougher year in recent history for New Zealand, we have unemployment, a global pandemic and constant attacks on our economy and the future of our nation. It's tough and it's going to keep being tougher for many businesses and families around our country. As a National Member of Parliament I want you to know I will fight for you in our Parliament so please let me know if you or someone you know needs help. 

The New National Caucus

A few days ago National Leader Judith Collins announced the new National Party Caucus Lineup. I'm absolutely delighted to be reconfirmed by the Party leadership in the following portfolios:

  • Broadcasting & Media
  • Digital Economy and Communications
  • Ethnic Communities

I am also delighted to have joined National's front bench team as we work to ensure that National returns to Government in 2023.

Our caucus across every portfolio will be fighting for you over the next three years. Whether you are concerned about education or health or the future of work, we will hold this Government to account and work constructively to get the best possible policy forward.



The 53rd Parliament

The 53rd Parliament has now begun with Maiden Speeches, the Address in Reply debate and Legislation being passed under urgency in the House. Select Committees are also now sitting and I've been re-confirmed as a Member of the Economic Development, Science and Innovation Committee for a second term. Select Committees are where a lot of the workload of Parliament is done in revising legislation, hearing concerns from Members of the Public on Issues and undertaking inquiries into matters of interest. If you have a particular view on a Bill, want to have your voice heard through the Petitions process or want to find out more please check out the Parliament's website for further details. 

My first speech for the 53rd Parliament can be found here with my favourite excerpt below:

"How are they going to reduce debt? The debt that we're going to be lumping on our children, our future generations; the debt that this Government seems to think is actually OK. Debt is fast-growing, it is one of the most significant things that we need to worry about in this country. Government doesn't make money. Government does not earn an income. Well, they do actually, through taxes—the hard-earned taxes that people actually pay is how Governments spend. And this Government is set on spending millions and billions of the hard-earned cash of our taxpayers and completely wasting them. I hope that they will stay focused and do some work."


Merry Christmas!

At this time of year we all take a moment to reflect on what we've done as well as what lies on the road ahead in the new year. I am incredibly grateful for all the expressions of support from constituents around New Zealand and for the opportunities we will have to work together for benefit of Aotearoa. 

This Christmas season families around New Zealand will have lost loved ones to COVID-19 here at home or abroad and many of them will have been unable to attend funerals, celebrations of their life or say Goodbye. My thoughts are with all of you who will be facing this Christmas with an empty seat at the dinner table and I hope you will be able to enjoy this summer break.


Final thoughts

My Parliamentary Office in Auckland is now based in Greenlane at 107 Great South Road. I'm currently in the process of restructuring my office operations with some staff changes so please message me directly at [email protected] or call us on my Wellington line at 04 817 6636 if you have anything I can assist with.

For the Summer shutdown my office will be closing on the 23rd of December and will re-open around the 18th of January.

If you have anything urgent during this time please message us via Facebook and we'll do our best to respond. 

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2021!


Melissa Lee
National List MP based in Auckland
Authorised by Melissa Lee Parliament Buildings, Wellington