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Welcome to my Summer Newsletter.

The sun is out across New Zealand and I hope you all have the opportunity to get onto our amazing local beaches and enjoy the warm weather as we look ahead to the Holiday break. 

I'm absolutely proud to be backing you, National's bottom line is You.


Mt Albert Christmas Party 2019

Over the last fortnight I had the wonderful opportunity to say thank you to all of my volunteers and supporters around Mt Albert with Christmas functions in the Mt Albert Electorate. From a great morning tea hosted as usual at Rocky's Cafe to an afternoon of brandy snaps, bubbles and mince pies in Sandringham as we watched the UK General Elections results roll in. It was truly a pleasure to acknowledge the hard work of the community throughout the year!

Select Committees, The House and Our Parliamentary process

Our Parliament has the job of holding the Government to account and a lot of important work has been taking place as we begin the next round of Parliamentary scrutiny of the Government.

Some exciting activities I have been up to here at Parliament include the Annual Review hearings of Crown Agencies , the Venture Capital Fund Bill and other important issues

You may also be interested in some of the other work I do - My Parliamentary Written Questions are regularly uploaded for public awareness and you can check them out here.

You can check out these issues and other activities here in my Facebook Video feed.

Law and Order Discussion Document

These include issues such as the Parking in our Mt Albert Streets to the future of Dominion Road and other transportation infrastructure and it has been great to get your feedback on ways we can improve our city.

A few days ago National released it's latest Policy Paper, our Law and Order Discussion Document (and this week we've launched two more as well on Transport and Housing!).


I'd love to hear your views on the wide ranging issues from Crime in our communities to rehabilitation and social support of victims. 


It's clear the Government needs to get tougher on Crime, particularly on the involvement of Gangs and the harm they are causing in the community. It's a Bottom Line.





Around the Table Video Series

Every few days a group of National MPs get together at Parliament to talk about the hard issues facing New Zealand families and businesses.

You can find these videos uploaded on my Facebook page here (and here). We really appreciate hearing your views so please let us know your feedback!



As you know the Summer Holiday break is coming up. Parliament rises this evening and with that comes the Annual Holiday shutdown.

My Auckland Office will close on the afternoon of Friday 20 December and my Wellington Office shortly after during Monday.

Both Offices will be closed until late January so if you have any urgent issues please contact me via my Facebook Page here and we will do our best to get back to you.

Look forward to talking to you again soon!

Melissa Lee
List MP based in Mt Albert
Authorised by Melissa Lee 1085b New North Road, Mt Albert, Auckland, 1025

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