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Welcome to my Spring newsletter!

I am proud to be the National List MP based in Mt Albert. It is always a real privilege to work in Mt Albert and help people with their issues.

It's already Spring and there has been some cracker weather around the Auckland Region, I'm looking forward to getting out in our community and enjoying the sunshine as I engage with you on the issues that matter.

I'm absolutely proud to be backing you, National's bottom line is You.

Select Committees, The House and Our Parliamentary process

Our Parliament has the job of holding the Government to account and a lot of important work has been taking place over the past several weeks and I'm pleased to have been working to ensure that no stone is unturned as we  hold this shambles of a Government to their original commitments on openness and transparency.

Some exciting activities I have been up to here at Parliament includes Briefings with the Broadcasting Standards Authority on Harmful media content, as well as the important work going on in the House as we debate the Budget 2019 Estimates, the End of Life Choice Bill and other important issues

You may also be interested in some of the other work I do - My Parliamentary Written Questions are regularly uploaded for public awareness and you can check them out here.

You can check out these issues and other activities here in my Facebook Video feed.

Community Letters & Have your say

Over the past few weeks I've been delivering letters around the community to get your feedback on a number of issues.

These include issues such as the Parking in our Mt Albert Streets to the future of Dominion Road and other transportation infrastructure and it has been great to get your feedback on ways we can improve our city.

You will notice over the coming weeks that the National Party 'Our Bottom Line is You' Survey is reaching your letter boxes - please take a moment to check out our vision for New Zealand and how we can help you, your businesses and families. It's also Conservation week around our country and we are always keen to hear from you about ways we can make the Mt Albert environment a better place for our city. 

Your views of issues across Mt Albert are really insightful and will help me ensure we are championing the issues that matter to you!




Mt Albert Pizza and Politics 

This October 7th it gives me great pleasure to invite you to join me and my Special Guest  at an after work Pizza and politics session in the heart of Mt Albert. 


I look forward to you joining me and my guest MP for a great evening.


Please RSVP to Jenny on, phone 027 296 1680 or you can RSVP via this link here.



(Please note this is a ticketed function to cover catering and all other proceeds, after costs, being a fundraising donation to the New Zealand National Party)

Business Breakfast with Shadow Finance Minister Hon Paul Goldsmith

On October 31 Mt Albert will be talking Budgets, Finances and the Economy with Paul Goldsmith, National's new Finance Spokesperson. 

Many of you already know Paul for his hardwork in the Commerce sector while we were in Government as well as his long standing as my Caucus Colleague based out of Epsom but as Finance Spokesperson he has been off to a ferocious start tearing into this shambolic Government's Botched Budget and abysmal spending practices.

It's going to be standing room only for this one so make sure to RSVP ASAP!

Please RSVP to Jenny by phoning 027 296 1680 or you can RSVP via this link here.

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(Please note this is a ticketed function to cover catering and all other proceeds, after costs, being a fundraising donation to the New Zealand National Party)

Around the Table Video Series

Every few days I and a group of National MPs get together at Parliament to talk about the hard issues facing New Zealand families and businesses.

You can find these videos uploaded on my Facebook page here (and here). We really appreciate hearing your views so please let us know your feedback!


Measles: No targets, no action 


New Zealand just reached a thousand cases of measles and the Government still has no target for immunisation. That is the harsh reality that we are coming to terms with as the outbreak in Auckland continues to spread, with more than 1,000 confirmed cases now confirmed in the Auckland Region.

This is shocking, appalling and not right.

As the situation worsens, the Government has deprioritised 30 to 50 year olds for vaccinations. This age group has not developed miraculous immunity. Therefore the only explanation for this is that the Ministry of Health and PHARMAC are running out of vaccines - this is atrocious if true, and National will hold them to account for this absolute debacle that will cost lives. 

If you have not been vaccinated, it is crucial you have access to do so, please get in touch with me if you are having problems getting support from your GP or local registered health care professional.

We understand 50,000 vaccines may arrive soon but vaccines were flying off the shelves at a rate of 20,000 to 30,000 per day recently, so this might be a fix for a couple of days at best, we know that this week PHARMAC secured another 100,000 doses of the measles vaccine so we can only hope this will stem the shortages in parts of our country.

The fact is, immunisation rates under National were improving. This was due to health targets, which keep the Ministry, PHARMAC and medical professionals accountable for ensuring New Zealanders are protected from dangerous diseases. When Minister Clark scrapped these targets, the Government took their eye off the ball, and the sector followed suit.

This is the latest in the Government’s legacy of botched vaccine responses. The Government can at least be applauded for its consistency. The failed Northland Meningitis vaccination campaign which saw schools fundraising for their own vaccines, running out of flu vaccines in May and now supply problems with the measles vaccine.

Situations like this require real leadership. Something the Minister failed to show with the flu vaccine shortage where the Minster requested 1.3 million vaccines, the supplier said they would supply 1.1 million, and that’s where the conversation ended. New Zealanders cannot afford this sort of negligence and complacency when it comes to measles.

There are steps that can and should be taken to remedy this. The Ministry should immediately authorise pharmacists, who already vaccinate for the flu, to be able to administer the measles vaccine. We now have word there have been several other 'silent' outbreaks around New Zealand this year. This lack of transparency is shocking and it will harm New Zealanders.

National believes in targets as people pay attention to what is recorded and monitored and in Jacinda Ardern’s words – ‘What gets measured gets done.’ The Government must reinstate National’s health targets to ensure accountability around measles vaccines - This time it is quite literally a matter of life or death.



Look forward to talking to you again soon!

Melissa Lee
List MP based in Mt Albert
Authorised by Melissa Lee 1085b New North Road, Mt Albert, Auckland, 1025

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