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Welcome to my July newsletter!

I am proud to be the National List MP based in Mt Albert. It is always a real privilege to work in Mt Albert and help people with their issues.

It's now the school holidays for Mount Albert families so I hope all the tamariki in your household have a great time learning outside the classroom over the next 2 weeks!


Community Letters & Have your say

Over the next several weeks I'm sending letters around the communities of Westmere, Cox's Bay, Mt Albert Village and Dominion Road to get your feedback on a number of Mt Albert issues.

From pollution in our local waterways to the state of parking and transportation infrastructure in the community I want you to have your say. 

My letters are accompanied by a short survey and I would love to get your feedback!



Mt Albert Business Breakfast with Todd Muller MP

On Thursday 18 July I am hosting one of my semi-regular Mt Albert Business Breakfasts (7am-8.30am) at Rocky's Cafe next door to my Out of Parliament office. I will be joined by Special Guest Todd Muller MP Member of Parliament for the Bay of Plenty and National's Spokesperson for Climate Change and Forestry. 

Todd had an amazing career in the private sector working some of New Zealand's key primary production companies including Fonterra and Zespri!

Since joining the National Caucus in 2014 he's been giving his all to champion National's environmental policies and work towards a bipartisan approach to climate change in New Zealand.

Todd is a great guy to work with (Check out this video of the fun we had at last year's Tauranga Multicultural Festival!)

You can register for the event here

(Please note this is a ticketed function to cover breakfast and all other proceeds, after costs, being a fundraising donation to the New Zealand National Party)

P.S. You can learn more about Todd here


Hold the Date: Simon Bridges in Mt Albert

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to hold the 15th of August (6-8pm) in your diaries for a special evening with Leader of the National Party and Opposition Hon Simon Bridges .

Simon is going to join me around Mt Albert for a great day of engagement with businesses and locals from across our great suburbs.

More details will follow in my next newsletter!



Grey Lynn Morning Tea

My next Grey Lynn Morning Tea is coming up on Monday 5 August at the Grey Lynn Community Centre on Richmond Road. 

These catchups are always a great chance for me to update you on issues in Parliament and get your feedback directly on a number of matters coming up in the House and in our community.

A key issue that has been raised in the media lately has been the number of rats, wild mice and other invasive vermin in our city streets.

From Westmere to Mt Albert it is clear there is a rodent problem facing our central suburbs and I'd love to hear your views on this issue to take back to my Blue Greens Caucus colleagues and to Auckland Council.

You can RSVP here!

Around the Table Video Series

Every few days I and a group of National MPs get together at Parliament to talk about the hard issues facing New Zealand families and businesses.

You can find these videos uploaded on my Facebook page here (and here). We really appreciate hearing your views so please let us know your feedback!


You can’t trust Labour with tax

The number of taxes this Government is heaping onto Kiwis flies in the face of its claim to be the most kind and caring yet.

When you add up all of the new taxes, and take into consideration the cancelled tax relief, Kiwi families are looking at around $7000 out of their pockets over four years. That does nothing to increase the wellbeing of an average family and is simply unacceptable for hard working New Zealanders.

As you know already, the Government cancelled the previous National Government’s planned tax cuts. Our tax cuts would have removed some of the burden Kiwis are now facing, and meant they had a bit more in their wallets at the end of the week.

The economy is continuing to weaken because of this Government’s poor policy decisions. But it’s a strong economy that pays for wellbeing. A weaker economy means the Government has less for health, education and infrastructure.

Electricity prices will rise as a result of the Government’s renewable electricity policy, Kiwis could have to pay an extra $300 a year to heat their home. This is going to hit low income households and vulnerable families in poor quality housing, the ones who are least able to afford this increase. This is just as we start to hit the worst of winter.

Despite the evidence showing this is exactly what Kiwi families are facing this winter, the Government continues to forge ahead with this policy.

Not only is the price of electricity up, but so is the cost of living, rents are up an average of $50 a week, and petrol is on the rise too.

It is very clear that New Zealanders cannot afford this Government.

The Government is taking more and money, but isn’t spending it wisely. Taxpayers are forking out more than $2 billion for fees-free, which has resulted in fewer students, $3 billion for Shane Jones’ slush fund, and $2 billion on KiwiBuild.

National has announced we will index tax thresholds to the cost of living. This means income taxes would be adjusted every three years in line with the cost of living.  

The Government clearly doesn’t have New Zealanders’ wellbeing at heart given the number of taxes it is piling on. New Zealanders work hard to get ahead, and they deserve to keep more of what they earn.

If you want to have your say make sure to let me and the National Team know by signing up here!


Look forward to talking to you again soon!

Melissa Lee
List MP based in Mt Albert
Authorised by Melissa Lee 1085b New North Road, Mt Albert, Auckland, 1025

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