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Associate State Services Minister Clare Curran talks a big game about her ‘open and transparent Government’, but she has come up short once again, National’s Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media spokesperson Melissa Lee says.

“The Ministerial Advisory Group that was created by Ms Curran in February to investigate establishing a Public Media Funding Commission has decided after its first meeting not to keep minutes after noting they were subject to the Official Information Act.

“Her claim in Parliament today that she ‘is unaware’ that her own Ministerial Advisory Group is not taking minutes is staggering.

“This working group for a working group will decide the future of public media funding in New Zealand, and is responsible for millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money, and they’ve now made the call their dealings shouldn’t be subject to public scrutiny.

“Ms Curran declared last year that this Government would be the most open and transparent government that New Zealand had ever seen. But after eight months in power, it’s anything but.

“She has already tried to cover up the now-notorious breakfast meeting which cost Carol Hirschfeld her job, she left hundreds of Parliamentary questions unanswered till after their due dates and has given no guidance to Government agencies on best practices for open government.

“The only open and transparent approach has been from other Ministers’ offices who have failed to correctly redact OIA documents, leaving the public with the simple task of copying and pasting the document into a Word document to reveal all. 

“Ms Curran’s claim that this Government is the most open and transparent is now proven to be nothing but hot air.”

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