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Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran refused to answer crucial questions about her portfolio at select committee today leaving the committee at a loss to know what is happening in the area, National’s Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media spokesperson Melissa Lee says.

“The Minister’s plans for Radio New Zealand and RNZ+ have been the primary issue that she has focused on since her appointment in October.

“However, she refused not just once but multiple times throughout today’s hearings to answer straightforward questions about her plans for the sector following Budget 2018.

“It is hypocrisy of the highest order for the Minister to refuse to answer basic questions about her intentions and the spending of millions of taxpayer dollars while at the same time claiming to be a ‘champion’ of open government.

“Radio New Zealand and other broadcasting agencies come before the Economic Development, Science and Innovation Committee for almost all other matters but she feebly argued she held no responsibility.

“Well that’s typical of Ms Curran and her Government. Say one thing and do another and break promise after promise to New Zealanders.

“This is more dodging from a Minister who has been consistently exposed as being out of her depth.

“She has a history of leaving questions unanswered, misleading New Zealanders and breaking promises and this needs to stop.”

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